Every week leading up to Polish Con, we will be featuring exclusives from our vendors as a way of introduction.  These polishes will be available on site for a week only and then, based on maker discretion, may be available for purchase at Con.

Polish will always be in a pre-order status. Turnaround for shipping will be 2-3 weeks because of this.  Also, please look for a SHIPPING CONFIRMATION EMAIL from Miranda Kraft or the email hvnangel7@yahoo.com.  DO NOT use this email for communication or CS questions.

On the product page, under each polish you will see two options.  One says ship now and it will do just that.  The other option is Hold Shipment.  You can order each week and pick this option and we will hold your order each week so that you can have all your polishes ship at the same time, so that you can save money on shipping at the end.  When you pick this option, you will also need to select the medium flat rate option to purchase ONE TIME ONLY.  Then, at checkout, use the code HOLDSHIPMENT, which will deduct the cost of shipping off your order for that week.  This code needs to be used every week!

For internationals, you will use the same code; however at the end (or whenever you'd like your polish shipped), we will calculate your shipping based on location and weight and will ship the most inexpensive as possible.  We will then send you an invoice for the amount of shipping.  After that is paid, we will ship your order.